Final Event Recap

Limbo, handprints and secret letters, watching pics from the previous days, talking and chatting and eating too much of the delicious cakes … This is just a glimpse of what happened on the final event. We saved some of the greatest moments of the final event in the EA Fiersbarg. Take a look!

Final Event

Together with the EA Fiersbarg we are inviting to the final event of the intercultural workcamp!
Start: 15:00
Erstaufnahme Lemsahl-Mellingstedt
Fiersbarg 8, 22397 HH
Kantine 2

Info Poster for the Final Event

Meet the volunteers

Meet our fourteen international volunteers!
They’re coming to Hamburg this March to take part in our Beyond Borders Project “International Youth For Refugees 2018.”
We can’t wait to get to know you:
Vlad, Lada, Yulia, Vira, Mariia & Sevinch from Ukraine,
Abdelhadi & Imad from Algeria,
Bernadette from Hungary,
João & Inês from Portugal,
Sophie from Germany,
Olivia & Patricia from Austria.
See you soon!