Take part in our projects!
The next months and years are filled with opportunities to experience international exchange, think, learn, be creative and make a difference.

We are looking for young adults motivated to discuss present and future challenges and find solutions together in colourful international groups. Be ready to engage with politics, philosophy and culture im creative ways. If you are into performing arts, you’ll find a project here. Our hot topics are currently climate responsibility, diversity and responsibility.

Apart from our open calls below, you’re invited to get in touch if you’re interested in volunteering, going abroad, or becoming a member of the Beyond Borders family to develop the next project with us!

  • Projection
    Great online discussions and dance workshops on various topics of the modern swing dance community await you over the next four months. In international cooperation with Swing Time in Hamburg Hodi Maputo Afro Swing in Maputo, Emily Vartanian and the General Mischiefs in New York.
  • Responses
    To all those interested in dance, music, film or any other artform,To all those who enjoy philosophical or political thinking,To all those who have thoughts about responsibility:Let’s do a project together, despite the Pandemic! RESPONSES is an international exchange for young adults to discuss the topic “responsibility” and get inspired by one another. The results
  • SoundSteps
    Our upcoming exchange project has been postponed to Summer 2022. SoundSteps unites 40 young people who dance or make music. They come to Hamburg from Ukraine, France, Armenia, Greece, Morocco and Germany. Within 16 days, the participants create a stage performance together on the topic “responsibility”. A video documentary captures the project and its results.