A group of students founded Beyond Borders e.V. in November 2017. It is a young association aiming to implement bespoke projects.
We want to contribute sustainably to overcoming borders which frustrate people’s living together in harmony. Our approach focuses on face-to-face encounter and exchange to promote tolerance and solidarity. We support being respectful towards our social and ecological environment.

Our projects usually address different levels. We like to organise projects that combine theoretical approaches with direct help. Furthermore, we conceive our target groups as broad and multi-layered as possible.

For example, an international workcamp, like Beyond Borders’ project “International Youth for Refugees”, takes place in March 2018 for the second time. Volunteers from various countries are invited to Hamburg for two weeks to help refugees. Together with Beyond Borders e.V. members, they will offer an exciting holiday programme for children from Hamburg and from a local refugee’s camp. In addition, the international volunteers will get in touch with refugees of their age. The project aims to raise intercultural awareness, motivate discourse and encourage further participation.

Beyond Borders’ projects are versatile. We are excited which is going to be our next.

Über uns

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