Challenge A: Clothes – Take stock of your shopping behaviour

Do you know how many new clothes you have already bought this year? Probably a few of them are second hand or produced under fair conditions? Please write down how many clothes you have bought in the past year, where you bought them and how they were produced.


  • Have a look in your wardrobe or check your bank statements. Maybe you remember a few more?
  • Think about how often you have already worn your new clothes and whether you would buy it again?

Bonus-Challenge: Give away clothes you don’t wear anymore to a friend or a stranger and make someone else happy. Maybe you are up to joining our clothing swap party in Hamburg? If you cannot make it, there surely is another occasion nearby, or you organise one with friends.

Download your info material (for both weeks): Info-week 4-challenge A and B

Challenge B: Repair / Recycling / Upcycling

I should … I could… This week is just right to take the time to repair something broken. Ask for help if you do not know how to fix it. Or do you have an object you do not need any longer? Can you reuse it in a different way?


  • In many towns there are “Repair Cafés” where you can find guidance on how to fix things. Usually you only have to pay for the replacements parts
  • Check online whether you find guidance on how to repair things.

Bonus-Challenge: Share your experience with us! Upload a picture of your repaired or upcycled object: or mail it to

Your info material: see challenge A.

Our Wednesday evening in Hamburg:

11/06, 6:30 pm, Julius-Vosseler Straße 193, 22527 Hamburg

Come to our clothes swap party! Bring any clothes you’d like to trade off against others. If you want, you can come wearing them to let people see them on you. Or you just hang them there, where you are invited to comb through the other’s and take what you need.

The event is free of charge. However, as a charitable association of volunteers, we appreciate small donations very much.

If you want to attend this week’s event, please sign up by entering your name here via doodle: The registration only serves the purpose of predicting the number of participants.

See you!

Week 4: Consumption – 11/04 till 11/10

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