Thema: Kulturelle Aneignung

Internationale Themen: Frauen im Tanz | Lead & Follow Geschlechterrollen

13:45 – 14:45 (ONLINE & OFFLINE*): Workshop on Cultural Appropriation by Marie N’diaye
15:00 -16:30 (ONLINE & OFFLINE*): Talk & Improvisation with Marthe Meier

18:00 – 19:30 (ZOOM): Internationaler Triolog

*Online means it’s possible to follow the workshop digitally on Zoom. Offline means some or all of the participants can meet and dance in person too. Depending on the weather, offline meetings take place in the SWING TIME studio (Dehnhaide 22, Hamburg Barmbek) or outside in the park (Hamburg Barmbek).

Dr. Marie N’diaye (PhD) is a Jazz Dance choreographer, performer and educator as well as a dance researcher.She specialises in Jazz Dance (African American Vernacular Jazz) and its partnered form (Lindy Hop), focusing on the legacy of Harlem dancers from the Savoy Ballroom as well as the chorus line tradition from night clubs and theaters (such as the Apollo Theater, the Cotton Club,  Connie’s Inn…) and has applied her scientific method and dance education to conduct an embodied practice-based research of Jazz dance through the study of  original video clips and collaborations with established dancers.

FB: @marieswingjazzdance
IG: @marieswingjazzdance

Forum III am 10. Juli