Make theater a space for you.

In the Open Houses project we look behind the scenes of international theatres. How can theatre become a space for everyone – a space for you? No matter where you come from, how you grew up, or what experiences you come with, you now have the chance to invent the theatre of tomorrow!

What to expect:

  • Theatre Flatrate! Get to know the Kampnagel Theatre in Hamburg in front of and behind the scenes.
  • Artists! Engage in creative exchange with professional artists.
  • Culture! Find out what culture means to you and what role you want it to play in your life.
  • New people! Get to know other participants and exchange ideas about diversity in theatre.
  • Travel! Visit France and Romania with us* and get to know our partner groups

Participation in the project is free of cost, including travel costs. The project takes place under 2G+ conditions.

Sign up if you:

  • are between 18 and 29 years old,
  • are interested in the topic of diversity & culture,
  • want to develop creative ways to make culture more accessible for young people,
  • can come to our workshops at Kampnagel twice a month (on Saturdays),
  • are interested and have time to join 2 or more international exchanges in France and Romania*.


  • Registration deadline: –
  • Project start: 29.01.22
  • Two Saturdays a month: Workshop meetings at Kampnagel (29.01.22 – 26.03.23)
  • International exchanges (incl. travel days):
    15-21 March 22 in Sibiu, Romania
    8-14 April 22 in Hamburg
    23-29 June 22 in Sibiu, Romania
    22-28 August 22 in Hamburg
    15-20 November 22 in Rennes, France
    March 23 in Sibiu, Romania
  • Project end: 31.03.23

*If for any reason you are not allowed to travel outside of Germany, we still explicitly invite you to register! Most of the project will take place in Hamburg. We will find an individual solution for the intercultural exchange with France and Romania.
*Participants with disabilities are considered in their individual needs. It is discussed individually which assistance or aids are needed and how the framework can be adapted.

Questions? Write us anytime, to openhouses[at] (Marthe, 24, from Beyond Borders) or to openhouses[at] (Mo, 26, from Kampnagel).