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We’re a group of young people creating inclusive projects for international exchange, art & culture and environmental education.
Get informed, read through this site, get to know us, and tell your friends and families about it. This is how you can support us on our way towards a world beyond borders.

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  • SoundSteps
    SoundSteps is an international exchange for 40 young dancers and musicians from Ukraine, France, Germany, Armenia, Greece and Morocco. After being postponed twice due to the pandemic, it took place 6-21 August 2022 in Hamburg, Germany. Within 16 days, the participants created a dance and music performance together on the topic “responsibility”. A video documentary
  • Open Houses
    Make theater a space for you. In the Open Houses project we look behind the scenes of international theatres. How can theatre become a space for everyone – a space for you? No matter where you come from, how you grew up, or what experiences you come with, you now have the chance to invent
  • Responses
    To all those interested in dance, music, film or any other artform,To all those who enjoy philosophical or political thinking,To all those who have thoughts about responsibility:Let’s do a project together, despite the Pandemic! RESPONSES is an international exchange for young adults to discuss the topic “responsibility” and get inspired by one another. The results
  • Projection
    Projection is an international dance and educational project about the meaning of Vernacular Jazz. Under this name we summarize the couple and solo dances that are danced to Swing music.From May to September 2021, amateurs and professionals in Maputo, New York and Hamburg research, dance, discuss and inspire each other together. The results flow into
  • Challenge your eco 2020
    4 Weeks Lockdown = 4 Weeks eco-friendly? Use the time at home for a self-experiment: How eco-friendly can you make your everyday life and your household? From November 2nd till 29th, you are once again invited to challenge your eco with us!This project digital and corona compliant by nature. It starts this Monday! Sign up
  • Lucky Lindy’s Hop
    In cooperation with SWING TIME, a school for Vintage Jazz dances in Hamburg, Beyond Borders facilitated a dance theatre production, which has been professionally filmed in September 2020. The dance play Lucky Lindy’s Hop is inspired by the Afro-American dance styles Lindy Hop, Blues and Charleston. Four young choreographers worked with thirty amateur dancers from
  • Challenge your eco!
    Join the challenge: 14th of October till 10th of November 2019 Go to main page
  • Approaches (ZuGänge): Unlock Society Part II
    In August 2018, the Beyond-Borders project “Unlock Society” started as part of an open seminar. Discussions on the topic of community and being foreign resulted in two art projects that were intended to bring our ideas to the public: One of them is the performance and installation Approaches (“ZuGänge”). How do we meet? What do
  • The Sofa Project: Unlock Society Part I
    In August 2018, the Beyond-Borders project “Unlock Society” started as part of an open seminar. The intense debate and discussion on the topic of community and being foreign resulted in two art projects that were intended to bring our ideas to the public. One of the is the Sofa project. Its protagonist was a sky
  • Performance Project Unlock Society
    Beyond Borders keeps being active: We are getting ready to start our upcoming project next month! Being organisers and participants at the same time, we are honoured to offer the project Unlock Society as an interdisciplinary seminar at the University of Hamburg. From the 4th till the 8th of August, Beyond Borders members and other
  • An intercultural afternoon
    On Sunday, the 15th of July, Beyond Borders arranged an intercultural afternoon in Youth Centre “JULE” in Hamburg. We enjoyed very much to reunite with some of our friends from our international workcamp project in March, but we also got to know a few other lovely people. We spent a relaxed afternoon together, including a
  • Workcamp 2018
    Our second Beyond Borders Workcamp “International Youth for Refugees” left us full of enriching memories. Have a look at some impressions of it here:
  • Workcamp 2017
    We can hardly believe that our first workcamp project took place already half a year ago. Time to remember and share some of the greatest moments.