Four weeks of going green: 14th of October till 10th of November

Nowadays, a lot of people take the streets to promote climate protection. Even in our daily life, we can do something to slow down climate change. Every day we make decisions that also influence the climate. It is exactly this field that we want to get more active in and challenge one another for four weeks.

Are you in? Sign up, so we can share the challenges along with hacks, events, bonus material and background information with you. Each week you can select a challenge that is exciting but not overcharging for you.

A single person does not make a difference? That is why we are doing it together. In our final report, we will take stock of what we have achieved during the challenge weeks.

Download our Final Report 2019!

The Challenges

We selected challenges of four subject areas: household, diet, waste and consumption. We conceive those areas as important: Not only does our conscious behaviour in these areas reduce our personal ecological footprint, but it can also bring a political signal effect. You will find out about what else is at that challenge weekly through our info material.

What is the purpose of restricting my private daily life?

Good question! We are answering this question for you here. And: possibly, you will come to know that some “restrictions” are not even restrictions for you.

Wednesday evenings

To all people in our proximity: Every Wednesday, you are cordally invited to an event matching the weekly challenge in Hamburg. So, earmark the Wednesday evenings starting from 6:30 pm, we are looking forward to it!

Why should I sign up?

Only so we can evaluate the number of people that took part in the particular challenges. Of course, everything is free of charge and commercial! We are organising this for you out of conviction.

What happens if I sign up?

From 14th Oct. till 10th Nov., we will weekly send you the challenges and support you with hacks and carefully researched info material. Furthermore, you can give our bonus challenges a try and you will find out about our events.  At the end of every week, we will ask you for a quick feedback that you will be able to send back within a few seconds, in purpose of the evaluation. In the end, you will receive a final report from us.

For the registration, we are asking you for your email address.  In the Privacy Policy you can look up in which manner we are treating your data confidentially.

Can I take part without signing up?

Yes, because nothing should stand in your path. But we would be glad to know about your participation – and that is only possible if you sign up 🙂

Further questions?

Find our contact form here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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