In cooperation with SWING TIME, a school for Vintage Jazz dances in Hamburg, Beyond Borders facilitated a dance theatre production, which has been professionally filmed in September 2020.

The dance play Lucky Lindy’s Hop is inspired by the Afro-American dance styles Lindy Hop, Blues and Charleston. Four young choreographers worked with thirty amateur dancers from the Hamburg swing dance scene on the dance play Lucky Lindy’s Hop about Charles Lindbergh’s crossing of the Atlantic.

According to a legend, Charles Lindbergh and his flight from New York to Paris within 33 1⁄2 hours are the eponymous for the Afro-American couple dance Lindy Hop, which to this day brings together a wide variety of people in tolerance and joy. Lindbergh himself is one of the most controversial personalities. His daring flight delighted millions, while his right-wing populist views deserve no glory. Lucky Lindy’s Hop deals with the dreams and fears of an inexperienced narcissistic personality. While everyone watched his flight, Lindbergh processed his dangerous undertaking in solitude.

Next to the production’s management, Beyond Borders had a research role, to offer viewers reliable background information about Charles Lindbergh.

Despite all the circumstances, we are now looking forward to celebrating the home cinema premiere of LUCKY LINDY’s HOP!
Dates: 02/21/2020, 03/13/2020 and 03/19/2020 at 8:00 p.m. each time
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Lucky Lindy’s Hop

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