FORUMS take place on Saturdays, between 1.00 and 7.30 pm. Save the dates:
I. May 20th
II. June 12th
III. July 10th
IV. August 7th
Each FORUM includes a topic workshop, a movement workshop and the international trialogue, 60 – 90 minutes each.


To cover the complete costs of the project with all its trainers, lecturers, dancers, technical teams as well as space, media and time costs, we depend on your support. Participation in the forums, each lasting several hours with at least five professional artists and instructors and other staff, will therefore cost you a donation of a reasonable amount.

We follow the principle: Pay as much as you can! To just cover the costs, we’d need 15€ per unit from each participant (= 45€ per forum). If you can’t afford that, you are welcome nonetheless. If you can afford more, we appreciate your solidarity with those who can’t. Thank you for making PROJECTION work!

International Topics:

FORUM I. Roots of Vernacular Jazz | Accepting differences | Lindy Hop in Harlem
FORUM II. Folklore | Jam circles | Role of music
FORUM III. Cultural Appropriation | Women in dance | Lead&Follow: gender roles
FORUM IV. Motivations to dance | Places of Social dance