Beyond Borders e.V. is a non-profit association in Hamburg, founded in 2017 by a group of young people to organise independent projects: for international understanding, education, arts and culture. Our approach focuses on face-to-face encounter and exchange to promote tolerance and solidarity. We support being respectful towards our social and ecological environment.

Currently, Beyond Borders organises two or three projects each year, including:

  • International youth exchanges with social or artistic objectives
  • Transcultural and integrative projects
  • Educational projects on societal topics like e.g. diversity or environmental protection
  • Art projects

Our team for the artistic direction of SoundSteps consists of young artists and art pedagogues in the fields of dance, music and film, who are still in their education or on their way to professionalise. The project is supported by guest workshops from professional artists. We look forward to working and developing with you together.

For SoundSteps, Beyond Borders e.V. cooperates with…

Local partners:
Dockeurope e.V.
Wiese e.G.

International partners:
InMotion Armenia
MFFSD Morocco
Center for Dialogue and Reconciliation “Iskra”
Parlez-Vous Corps?
Anazitites Cultural Association Thessaloniki