Challenge A: a vegan or vegetarian week

Meat is on your daily agenda? Coffee without milk not possible? You associate being vegan with boring food? Why don’t you give it a try? Change your diet for a week and eat vegetarian or vegan.


1) In everyday life, cooking ideas are often missing, therefore we provide a recipe for each day of the week, of course vegan. Download below.
2) Why all this? Read more about the background to the Challenge, the Bonus Challenges and other interesting aspects in the info material below.

Bonus Challenge: You like the challenge, but don’t think it’s challenging enough on its own? Then combine it with one or more of our Bonus Challenges. The aim of these is to make you more aware of the origin and manufacturing methods of the products when shopping.

1) Buy only/mainly products with organic labels
2) Pay attention to products with fair trade seal when shopping
3) Combine Challenge A with Challenge B (regional/seasonal feeding)

Download your info material: Info-week 2-challenge A

Download your recipes:

Challenge B: a regional and/or seasonal week

What’s your shopping habit? Do you think a lot about where your food comes from? When shopping this week, make sure you only buy regional and/or seasonal products.


1) Seasonal shopping sounds good, but now you’re wondering what the season is? Take a look at the season ticket (in case you live in Germany) or read the info material (both below).
2) Why all this? Read more about the challenge’s background in the info material below.
3) Also in the information material: the principle of the “vegetable box”.

Bonus Challenge: We not only want to sensitize people to regional and seasonal shopping, but also to counteract food waste. That’s why we focus on this in the Bonus Challenge. Try the app “Too good to go” or register with the initiative “Foodsharing”. You can also get some information about this in the info material below.

Download your info material: Info-week 2-challenge B

Download the season ticket: Seasonal food_October_Germany

Our Wednesday evening in Hamburg:

10/30, 6:30 pm, Julius-Vosseler Straße 193, 22527 Hamburg

Matching this week’s topic of our eco-challenge, we invite you to have a vegan and regional/seasonal dinner with us. Let’s cook together!
Besides, we are there in person to answer any questions on sustainable diets.
Whether you are young or old, everyone is welcome! We are excited for a pleasant evening and looking forward to getting to know you.

The event is free of charge. However, as a charitable association of volunteers, we appreciate small donations very much.

If you want to attend this week’s event, please sign up by entering your name here via doodle: The registration only serves the purpose of predicting the number of participants.


Week 2: Diet – 10/21 till 10/27

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