Challenge A: use your own bags

In the supermarket, at the cash register, at the market, at the baker’s, in shops – everywhere there are bags, pouches and other types of bags free of charge or for a few cents. Everything is packed in some sort of bag and often they end up in the garbage or pile up in a hidden corner of the cupboard after shopping. Do you think you can get by without them? Try for a week not to fall back on any new bags or pouches!

Tips & Tricks:

  • There are multi-purpose bags (also water-repellent) that are super light and foldable. Always carrying one in your backpack or jacket is only a small burden, but a real help when shopping spontaneously.
  • In supermarkets you can also use cartons, which are intended for waste-paper anyway, as a carrying aid.

Bonus Challenge: Put a note on your mailbox saying “Please no advertisements”. Advertisement is often packed in plastic and ends up unread in the garbage in many households. In times of the internet, weekly offers are also available online if you want to stay up-to-date.

Download your info material (for both weeks): Info-week 3-challenge A and B

Challenge B: A box full of plastic garbage

Estimate the amount of plastic garbage you collect per week. Do you think a shoebox would be enough? Give it a chance, pick out an old box, start collecting your plastic garbage in it for a week and watch your consumption.

Tips & Tricks:

  • the plastic garbage from on the way, either chocolate bar paper, cake foil etc., also counts to it and should therefore be taken along and thrown into the shoe box at home.
  • Wash out cans and cups and let them dry well before throwing them away. This reduces the time it takes for flies or bacteria to get to the garbage and makes it easier to separate the garbage.
  • Too easy for you? Try a jam jar full of plastic garbage instead!

Bonus: The pantry is getting fuller and fuller, the things in the corner are not seen, forgotten and the actual expiration date is getting closer and closer. Often things can still be eaten after the stated expiration date, but of course not to infinity. Try to use up some shelf warmers this week.

Your info material: see challenge A.

Our Wednesday evening in Hamburg:

10/30, 6:30 pm, Julius-Vosseler Straße 193, 22527 Hamburg

This Wednesday, we invite you to join us again to talk about this weeks’ topic: waste and waste avoidance. Therefore, we would like to use up leftovers and host a dinner party. Just bring your leftovers, if you have any food that has been at the back of your shelf for ages, and let us make something delicious out of it. If you do not have any leftovers, join us for our dinner anyway, there will be enough for everyone. We are looking forward to delicious surprises and interesting conversations! Additionally we would like to share experiences regarding foodsharing, useful apps and zero waste.

The event is free of charge. However, as a charitable association of volunteers, we appreciate small donations very much.

If you want to attend this week’s event, please sign up by entering your name here via doodle: The registration only serves the purpose of predicting the number of participants.

See you!

Week 3: Waste – 10/28 till 11/03

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