Projection is an international dance and educational project about the meaning of Vernacular Jazz. Under this name we summarize the couple and solo dances that are danced to Swing music.
From May to September 2021, amateurs and professionals in Maputo, New York and Hamburg research, dance, discuss and inspire each other together. The results flow into a collaborative dance piece using digital means.

The project partners Hodi Maputo Afro Swing in Maputo, Emily Vartanian and the General Mischiefs in New York as well as Swing Time and Beyond Borders e.V. in Hamburg bring together an African, a North American and a European perspective. We are united by Vernacular Jazz, dances of African-American origin, which emerged from 1850 in the context of slavery and colonization.

Our trialogue is about roots and history of Vernacular Jazz in terms of e.g. culture, gender roles or music. It is about why we dance today and what emotions accompany our dance.