To us, responsibility is
What is responsibility to you?

Responses is a digital exchange, in which a colourful group of young adults from 5 different countries deal with the topic of responsibility through creative methods.
The project is a response to the impact of the pandemic on a young generation and their opportunity for intercultural exchange and asks what responsibility means in this context. We face many interrelated crises to which there seems to be no common and sustainable response yet.
Our responses to these complex social issues shall be international, creative and inclusive. They shall be thought-provoking, fun, and flexible enough to draw on our strengths. How we express them is our own choice: language, music, dance, videography or any other artform.


Registration (until Sunday, 6th of June):
Send us your personal association on the topic of responsibility. Based on your associactions, we select three topics (under the topic responsibility).
You get to choose whether you want to participate in one, two, or all three topics.

Workshop I: Saturday, 24th of July 21
11.00 – 12.00: How to respond – introduction & preparation
12.15 – 13.45: Workshop I, topic follows

Workshop II: Saturday, 28th of August 21
11.00 – 12.30: Topic follows

Workshop III: Saturday, 25th of September 21
11.00 – 12.30: Topic follows

All workshops take place on Discord, a digital platform for chats, video calls and file exchange. Workshops include a guest lecture and exchange on the topic as well as an improvisation task to develop an idea. Each workshop is the beginning of a “response video”, to which you are invited to contribute:

Response Videos (your own calendar):
Person 1 creates video 1 (20 sec.) and sends it to person 2. Person 2 responds to video 1 in their video 2 and sends video 2 to person 3. Person 3 responds to video 2 and so on.

Follow-up Workshop: Saturday, 27th of November 21
See the collective response videos and follow-up on the topic

The huge follow-up:
Have a look at SoundSteps, our live international dance and music exchange in 2022. Create a dance & music piece on the topic responsibility in a 16-day international exchange in Hamburg, Germany.