Each of the 8 regional groups has one group leader.

As group leader, you take part in the same programme activities, in the same way as everybody else. But you carry some special responsibilities in addition.

To prepare for your role, you will come to Hamburg one day earlier (05 August).

Role of the group leaders:

  • be in charge during the Preparation Weekend
  • meet the directing team online before and after the Preparation Weekend
  • represent the wishes and needs of your regional group
  • communication link between participants and directing/mentoring team
  • organise open leisure activities for the group with us (bright blue fields in the timetable)
  • help the mentors preparing the On-Arrival and Follow-up Session
  • be especially aware of safety/emergency issues

The extra day on 05 August offers time to prepare for that role with the other group leaders. You will receive a certificate confirming your role.

Picture from a performance project by Beyond Borders in 2019