In August 2018, the Beyond-Borders project “Unlock Society” started as part of an open seminar. Discussions on the topic of community and being foreign resulted in two art projects that were intended to bring our ideas to the public: One of them is the performance and installation Approaches (“ZuGänge”).

How do we meet? What do we perceive? What connects and what separates us? Where begins community?

The performance and installation took place in March 2019 under a former casern which accommodates the artist’s collective fux eG now. In 7 basement rooms,  visitors were invited to experience various moments of encounter, to feel strange and to feel belonging,  to examine what happens when one person meets another.  Elements of performing and installative arts blurred the boundaries between individual and community. After a passage through the exhibition, visitors could relax with drinks and snacks and let the impressions sink in. On the opening day of the exhibition there was an atmospheric concert of the folk band Yonder.

Click here for photos, videos and press/audience reactions.

Approaches (ZuGänge): Unlock Society Part II

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