Responses through the eyes of our participants:
Responses aus den Augen unserer Teilnehmenden:
Reponses à travers les yeux de nos participants:

I had a lot of fun 🙂 It was a positive experience to spend my Saturday morning with some amazing people and do fun activities.
The workshops have definitely helped me with making my response video. I got a lot of inspiration from hearing others talk about their experiences and it gave me ideas in making my response video.
My take-away from the project: In my mind, dancing and responsibility are now connected 🙂
– Anooshik

The responses where so good, and they open my mind towards an other kind of responsibility, which is caring the duties of live with a smile and this is the most responsible way that you can live with it to take care of yourself and others by understanding them and giving them time, this micro attitude of responsibility are so important also in live and in society and this end up helping people to understand responsibility from it’s deep sight.
– Abire

Les ateliers et la rencontre de quelques organisatrices et des participants était très amusant et très motivant. Bien sûr que les ateliers m’ont aidé que ce soit au niveau personnel vu que la rencontre des autres participants et leurs fraîcheurs ou le niveau création dont les ateliers ont nourri et enrichi mon esprit.
Après ce projet la responsabilité pour moi n’était qu’un terme dont je lui donne une définition artificiel alors que maintenant la responsabilité est plus un mode de vie et une qualité très importante.
– Salsabil

It was fun to do exercises in the workshops, I would have loved to have more time together overall to exchange and get to know each other.
I definitely thought it would be a lot harder to make a video. It’s the first time I created a video where I had to cut and put tone underneath. It was a small and easily doable, still creative and fun challenge!
– Verena

Voices from RESPONSES participants